Oliver Schütte Designer Profile
Oliver Schütte is the award-winning designer of the No Footprint House Residential Prototype.
Oliver Schütte

I was educated as an architect, which is a profession that naturally interacts with a lot of other professionals who are related to the process of planning and building. Through personal drive and external influences, I started to look way beyond that group of people to think about development in a broader and global sense. I was lucky to work with a series of masters and colleagues whom I admire and who encouraged me in pursuing that path. My own office now focuses on breaking those boundaries of single professions or perspectives in order to co-create through our interdisciplinary work methodology. We design for development with participatory and multi-stakeholder approaches, which has led us to a very interesting variety of topics and scales that we deal with on a daily basis. The results are often surprising and reaffirming in the sense of finding meaning and added value by working together.

No Footprint House Residential Prototype