Kaori Hamura Long Designer Profile
Kaori Hamura Long is an award-winning designer with 2 featured award-winning projects.
Kaori Hamura Long

Kaori Hamura Long is an artist, illustrator, and character designer based in Japan and the United States. No matter what media she uses, she creates with a passion and the mission for world peace and protecting the environment. Kaori has made a picture book app to teach children about equality and tolerance and several animations about protecting our environment. She also creates paintings to uplift our spirits and address awareness about caring for our earth. Since Kaori was little, the only thing she could do well was drawing. She comes from a family of artists, and she did not doubt that she could live on her art as well. Although it has not been an easy road for her and had many ups and downs, she has never given up her dream of making a living on her art. She has created animations for MTV Video Music Awards, Oxygen TV and created hundreds of characters for TV animation and feature films. She has done numerous magazine illustrations and worked in many different fields such as animation, product design, web design. Through these experiences, she could work in any style according to the clients' needs. But she has always created her artworks aside from commercial work. She is continuously working nights and weekends on her paintings, picture books, apps, and animation with the message of equality, world peace, and environmental protection while she supports her family. She comes from a multicultural background and has lived in different parts of the world, and her broad perspective can contribute to the world through her art with a positive message of love for all living things.

Kaori Hamura Long
Young Yogi  Book Illustration
Kappa Jizo Picture Book App