Grigorii Gorkovenko Designer Profile
Grigorii Gorkovenko is the award-winning designer of the Bubble Chair.
Grigorii Gorkovenko

I believe that my work can make people smile and becomes more inspirational and kinder, while retaining the full depth of understanding and design. They can return to childhood, while finding in my objects and interiors a lot of deep connections and comparisons. At first glance, they are funny, but they immerse you in emotions, forcing you to think, feel and understand. This is an allegory of struggle and ironic laughter. We have already managed to win several prestigious world awards over several years, such as the RED DOT (2 awards) Elle decoration award, BEST OFFICE award, C-AWARD We raise the old craft and manual production from natural materials and give it a new vision and modern exclusive design, we use only an environmentally friendly product.

Bubble Chair