Nalisha Chouraria Designer Profile
Nalisha Chouraria is the award-winning designer of the Curious Gastronaut Interactive Game.
Nalisha Chouraria

Nalisha Chouraria is a multidisciplinary designer and illustrator who specialises in play & design for children. She creates unorthodox tools to stimulate and empower children, and encourage them to step out of their comfort zone through play. Her work includes illustration, play design, graphic design, event design, and digital & physical toys and games. She brings the child's perspective into her designs through research, playtests, observation, interviews & workshops. As well as working with a suite of award-winning studios, Nalisha has had utterly unique life experiences, including being a Bollywood child actor and marrying a tree. During her early education, all her designs were termed as ‘cute’. This led her to question the very attribute and break out of it through experimentation with the unconventional. Studio Oddball is her playground.

Nalisha Chouraria
Curious Gastronaut Interactive Game