Jean-Pierre Alfano Designer Profile
Jean-Pierre Alfano is the award-winning designer of the Private Helicopter Aircraft Interior.
Jean-Pierre Alfano

AirJet Designs is an industrial design studio that specializes in private aircraft interiors. Established in 2010, the design studio is composed of a team of creative designers who share a passion for luxury interiors and unique designs. The involvement of the studio goes from the initial conceptual stage up to final project completion, which includes the development of unique details and finishes, as well as artwork pieces, all of which results in a fully personalized project. Based in Toulouse, France and led by Jean-Pierre Alfano, the studio has become a point of reference over the years in the private jet design space, with projects executed on all types of aircraft, such as Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier and Gulfstream airplanes.

Private Helicopter Aircraft Interior