Lee Chi Designer Profile
Lee Chi is the award-winning designer of the Inorganic Mineral Installation Art.
Lee Chi

After graduating from the Department of Architecture at Chung Yuan Christian University in 2007, Lee Chi began to think about the collection of environmental materials in response to the needs of spatial design. His profound feelings towards nature and with which the mysterious connection ever since he was a child inspired him as an artist. Since 2013, Lee, with his experience as an architect, has focused on the creation of unique botanical art installations. He continues to create tracks that blur the boundaries between different concepts as architectural structure, living aspects, and botanical installations via design projects, teaching, artistic creation, and product development. By reflecting upon the nature of art, investigating phenomena, and researching creative techniques, Lee transforms life events into formalized artworks. As an artist, Lee Chi believes that personal instinct is scientific when it comes to defining the relationship between artworks and creators. The boundary between method and passion continuously adjusts itself. As the founder of BOTANIPLAN VON LEE CHI, he carries out multiple aesthetic expressions with conceptual developments. The discarded consumables are given new life appearance and artistic value. Lee utilizes nature-based characteristics and the way the brand captures the public, which in turn affects viewers and participants so that they resonate with the works.

Lee Chi
Inorganic Mineral Installation Art