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Hila Mor is an award-winning designer with 3 featured award-winning projects.
Hila Mor

Hila Mor is a designer, artist, researcher, and explorer born in Israel. She learns from history and from ancient wisdom, inspired by craft processes and examples from natural biological phenomena. She implements her insights through developing new technologies. Hila’s research is focused on the dynamic properties, form, and structure of materials. Her work process aims to enhance aesthetic opportunities in order to create novel human interaction experiences based on a thorough understanding and use of materials and technologies. Hila holds a B.Des. cum laude from Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem. Prior to joining the Media Lab, Hila was a self-employed designer in Israel. Hila joined a post-bachelor research excellence program in the Bezalel Academy, called “The Incubator.” There, with the team, they established the technological research group, “Praxis.” Every day is a playground full of curiosities and discoveries. Outside of the lab, her favorite environment is being surrounded by plants and nature. When indoors, you can find her sketching ideas, being fascinated by simple yet complex forms like the inner structure of a zucchini, or trying to grow an avocado in an upside-down configuration.

Hila Mor
Venous Materials Interactive Fluidic Interfaces
Venous Interactive Materials
Venous Materials Interactive Sensors and Display