Seungkwan Kim Designer Profile
Seungkwan Kim is the award-winning designer of the For Two Electric Scooter For Sharing.
Seungkwan Kim

Since founded this company in 1988, for over 30 years they have experienced long history of Korean design history. After corporation conversion, T&T GOOD TERMS are trying our best to achieve our goal to be the company that strives about Design Thinking and Design Solution by keeping their ears open to the domestic and overseas New Design Trend Value. Especially, they are experienced in domestic’s small and medium-sized company and their characteristics. Based on positive understanding of related projects, they will continuously research and apply optimized customized process. This company will build up expert groups for each field according to the characteristics of the business to concentrate on the practical result of technology convergence through cooperation. With this, They are trying to differentiate growth process from other company.

For Two Electric Scooter For Sharing