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Miles J Rice is an award-winning designer with 2 featured award-winning projects.
Miles J Rice

Rice & Rice Fine Furniture was founded by Miles Jason Rice with the vision to create timeless yet unexpected pieces of design furniture, created with honesty and appreciation for the material, the crafts and the design. Following in the footsteps of the artisan-craftsmen of the British isles, Miles is a self-taught furniture designer, whose mantra is: "You cannot teach passion." This allows Miles to take inspiration from traditional designs and manufacturing processes, whilst allowing him to push far beyond these to create his very own visual language. The first major series of works designed by Miles was a collection of coffee and dining tables design that is pushing the boundaries not only of craftsmanship but also of table design. This collection clearly shows the key sources of inspiration for Miles. He draws inspiration from the beauty and specific properties of the materials. Equally important as a source of inspiration is modern architecture and art, especially installations and sculptures that play with the characteristics of the materials. Thirdly, Miles is a strong admirer of craftsmanship, working with selected masters of their crafts to develop and produce his designs. These very different sources of inspiration create a fusion of craftsmanship, the beauty of the material and creativity. ​The unique design of the Sculptura dining table was recognized at the 2019 Best Of Year awards of the Interior Design magazine, one of the most prestigious awards in interior and furniture design, as an Honoree. Working with some of the best craftspeople in Europe, Rice & Rice Fine Furniture is pushing furniture design and manufacturing beyond what is common for their profession when working in wood, glass, brass, marble and other materials. ​

Miles J Rice
Augusta  Dining Table
Royal Collection  Dining Tables