Juanjuan Hu Designer Profile
Juanjuan Hu is an award-winning designer with 5 featured award-winning projects.
Juanjuan Hu

Juan Juan Hu interests in jewelry design include the application of traditional culture in contemporary jewelry, combination of jewelry design and cultural industry, research and application of morphological semantics and emotion in jewelry design, and study on the variability of jewelry function. While teaching jewelry design and product design in University of Shanghai for Science and Technology (USST), She also runs Juan Juan Jewelry Design Studio in Shanghai. During the design teaching in the university, Juan Juan Hu has made achievements in design theory research, establishment of school and enterprise project cooperation, and cultivation of new generation of design talents. Her study of design theory mainly is focused on the theory of "morphological semantic design", involving the application of semantics to the field of morphological design, and analysis of the elements and methods of form design to spark form creativity. It is the basic theory of form design. In jewelry design, product design and other design fields, the design of three-dimensional form is very critical. Form are closely related with both material and technology. Therefore, the book can be used as the theoretical basis of form design in jewelry design and product design in China. This theoretical research is of guiding significance for the form creative design of jewelry design, product design and other majors. Related theoretical research achievements are mainly reflected in the book titled Design Morphology Semantics and other papers. Since its publication in 2005 by Chemical Industry Press, the book has been used as basic design textbook at some colleges in China. In 2012, Juan Juan Hu set up Juan Juan Jewelry Design Studio in Shanghai. Her efforts are focused on the application of design theory in design projects. The projects are not only artistic bespoke jewelry, but also cooperation with enterprises, such as design jewelry projects for the Forbidden City Culture Development Co., Ltd.; research on wearable devices and voice-controlled digital products in cooperation with UI Department in Samsung (China); Design commercial jewelry collections for Shangxia invested by Hermes, MINGR Jewelry company etc. Juan Juan Hu has won numerous design awards, such as Red Dot Award, first prize of in the third Auditions China Gold Imagination Gold Jewelry Design Competition and so on. She has invited to jewelry design exhibitions in Italy, London, France, Dubai etc.

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