Yang Yuan Designer Profile
Yang Yuan is an award-winning designer with 2 featured award-winning projects.
Yang Yuan

Yuan Yang, director and co-founder of Poetic Space. It is proposed that the concept of interior architectural landscape should be cut in, the reasonable spatial structure should be rationally planned, and the contemporary human, natural and fashion aesthetics should be perceptually integrated to create the Oriental poetic space under the international vision. He has many years of practical ability and working experience in serving high-end real estate of well-known domestic real estate developers, and has participated in the design of high-end real estate projects such as Shenzhen China Resources Yuefu project, Shenzhen China Resources City project, Shenzhen wankezhen department, Jinzhong Qilin mansion, Hanjing jiurongtai, etc. Advocating the natural and humanistic way, pursuing the poetic space under the philosophical logic deduction, following the proportion, no aesthetics; no design outside life! The design idea of writing poetry with space.

Kylin Mansion Club
Hushan Art Gallery