YunAh Han Designer Profile
YunAh Han is the award-winning designer of the Effect Of Paradox Textile Print Design.
YunAh Han

YunAh Han is working as a textile designer, and doing free-lancer activity to inform various designs. As a progressive designer that is not afraid of challenge of new things, she has insight about object, is interested in people, and is usually very curious even about little things to have meticulous information. To show world’s best design, She always studies about “If I were a customer, would I choose this design?, how to design more perfect design, and what to do to flatter”. This kind of study gives esthetic beauty to her design, increases the value of fiber products being harmonized with fashion, by extension, and enhances the quality of life. She is a world-wide textile designer prospect that has unlimited ability to develop.

YunAh Han
Effect Of Paradox Textile Print Design