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Ling Zhou is an award-winning designer with 2 featured award-winning projects.
Ling Zhou

He said that everyone's life is like a unique movie, and space design is to remember or remember people who have stories when they are advancing or rewinding. The beautiful space-time always makes people feel perfect. I'm lucky to have chosen this career as the director of space He thinks from the nature and concept of space. Different people may see different scenes and interpret differently, leaving more space for different people to imagine and understand the original intention of designers. I think this is the meaning of space design. Space has feelings and human nature, not only beauty, but also a kind of plot. We broke the limit of space layout, breaking the original framework and pattern constraints, space re definition, he always thought that the design should not be the function of the space bound, should think from the space of thinking and layout, beautiful material will fade, but the concept of eternal.

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