Rana Hossam Gaber Designer Profile
Rana Hossam Gaber is the award-winning designer of the Grand Egyptian Museum Corporate Identity.
Rana Hossam Gaber

Rana is an artist whose philosophy revolves around the idea that graphic design is more than a fancy tool of communication. Her inspiration and work always originate from the firm belief that design can change behaviours and attitudes. She cultivated her strong foundations under the tutelage of her professors at the German University in Cairo. This rooted her craft in mastery of technique and and methodology. Rana stood out academically during her years of study, as she graduated with honours among her peers at the Applied Sciences and Arts faculty. Despite her young age, her work has been featured on 'Behance' in the graphic design category for this very project 'Grand Egyptian Museum' in addition to her 'typeface design project'. She was also awarded first place in the CIB photography competition for 2019.

Grand Egyptian Museum Corporate Identity