Titus Ebbecke Designer Profile
Titus Ebbecke is the award-winning designer of the ARTificial Autonomous Robot.
Titus Ebbecke

Titus is a german Human-Computer-Interaction designer. He holds a bachelor degree in Design from the University of Applied Sciences Wuerzburg-Schweinfurt. During his time there, he focused on creating demos and products which inform and move all kinds of users. Titus not only believes the next decade will be shaped by the way humans communicate with computers but also that the way how computers communicate with us will do the same during the following century. Titus works range from tangible interfaces which make satellite data accessible to a wide audience, to fully autonomous industrial robots enabled by machine learning. During his time at Volkswagen, he created high-fidelity prototypes that integrating autonomous driving and electric mobility into existent applications. Throughout his partnership with KUKA Research and Development, Titus designed a link between robotics, machine learning, and art. He also developed UI's for many Start-Up’s, directed and shot short-films and assisted at workshops on cinematography and design. His greater mission is to close the eternal gap between man and their machines.

Titus Ebbecke
ARTificial Autonomous Robot