Jofre Roca Calaf Designer Profile
Jofre Roca Calaf is an award-winning designer with 3 featured award-winning projects.
Jofre Roca Calaf

The constant investigation of materiality, light and the coherent use in a given context is a fundamental factor in its architecture. Its efforts concentrate on developing strategies and rigorous methods to create high-quality projects, providing services which add value and for the users’ wellbeing. Jofre Roca arquitectes is a multidisciplinary group involved in research and teaching that together with practice we can aims unique results, taking into account even the smallest detail. The studio has proven experience and technical capacity to deal effectively with complex architectural projects. Its portfolio spans a broad range of scales and typologies, from private houses, offices, restaurants, retail and landscape interventions, a cemetery and urban settlements.

SV Villa Residential House
Escudellers Residential House
Avila Offices Interior Design