Huafang Wang Designer Profile
Huafang Wang is the award-winning designer of the Hill Wind Hotel and Resort.
Huafang Wang

Huafang Wang, Registered Interior Architect, Founder and design director of TRUCONST, Partner of STORM DESIGN, President of Huzhou Youth Designers Federation. The accidental opportunity in 1997 made him set foot in the study of interior design specialty, which attracted him deeply, such as the influence of ergonomics and space on people. After years of professional training in orthodox three-dimensional and interior design, he has set foot in the decoration and design industry, and has continuously expanded his self-value-added. He has continued to study and study design-related courses and travels overseas. Has been committed to decoration "subtraction design" and display art "addition layout". In a reasonable decoration budget and the ultimate effect of the "balance" to reflect the core of the commercial value of modern decoration, professional focus on each job and the spirit of commitment and service to customers.

Hill Wind Hotel and Resort