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Bryan Chang is an award-winning designer with 2 featured award-winning projects.
Bryan Chang

VASTE - the name of the brand, its original meaning in French is capacious and far-flung. Deal with as the significant consideration, we expect to thorough achieve the essential requirements of the space. Even within the limitation of the spatial condition, we can exploit the infinite design imagination to create a timeless esthetic space and ideal life. We do not follow the crowds blindly, nor persist in our views. We bring about the intrinsic quality of space, as well value the detail presentation. From the perspective of professional equivalence meanwhile elevate diverse experiences; strive to be off set patterns and outdated conventions, thus to achieve the demands and aspirations of every customer for the space. At the same time, we are constantly learned and derive new aesthetic knowledge and design crafts. Accompanied with the proper flow layout, homogenized natural light and shade, colorful materials and practical function programmed, thence demonstrate the concordant relationship between "human" and "space".

Bryan Chang
Smile Coffee Shop
Pumpkin House Restaurant