Impactplan Art Productions Designer Profile
Impactplan Art Productions is the award-winning designer of the Golden Dot Invasion Christmas Decoration.
Impactplan Art Productions

Our team is composed of 11 fantastic people, including designers, marketers, artists, curious, inventors, dreamers ... We all believe that creativity can change the world and we work focused on the promotion and development of public spaces, businesses and events, creating impact using beautiful and "instagramable" art installations that have a real impact on people's places and lives! Our star project is the “Umbrella Sky” which has spread all over the world due to its huge success in a location called “Águeda”, it has been a case study because it really changed the reality of the city by creating tourism, business and improving the daily lives of the local population, encouraging a sense of belonging. It has also inspired other artists to create this type of art in the cities, which is incredible and is what we argue that “art is for everyone” must be easy and accessible. Coloring the gray landscape of cities is always the starting point. In the process we use vibrant colors and unusual objects in unreasonable places to create an impact and provoke immediate feelings and reactions, after all coloring life is the company's motto!

Golden Dot Invasion Christmas Decoration