Zanas Karenauskas Designer Profile
Zanas Karenauskas is the award-winning designer of the The Botanic Raw Honey.
Zanas Karenauskas

Try to do all the best. It’s not easy, but If you have good chemistry and passion you can. I live by the saying “do it on time, and do it well”. In other way you better stay at home. Clients and colleagues say I am very good focused. Always trying to do the job with passion and accuracy. Trying to learn something new all the time. Setting and working towards goals helps me to focus on what is most important at the moment and intuition with creativity helps to reach the best results. In everything we do, we believe that we should always have special ideas to inspire and drive us forward. Intuition to understand and apply the ideas gives gladness and makes life fun. Besides, i believe it’s very important to understand the essence of maintaining honesty in business relationship management. Save the bees is my Devotion. I love to spend time in my little bee farm in Veisiejai regional park with myself and my bees. Its so good to will reach deep into your own heart and Soul. Get to experience the beauty of nature, the greatness and the wonder of botanical. I can get the same feelings only in the mountains.

Zanas Karenauskas
The Botanic Raw Honey