Rosalia Ioannidou Designer Profile
Rosalia Ioannidou is the award-winning designer of the Cyclamen Chair.
Rosalia Ioannidou

Athens 29-4-2022 Dear Sirs, of the Design Award As an active Product Designer / and as a Professor in a similar School in Greece, I have always admired the presentation quality of the works you have presented. My activity in this field and the projects I have implemented have been exhibited in important exhibitions, in "SAD" at the Grand Pale in Paris, in Belgium, at the Louvre Museum and in Greece, I have also participated in international competitions. Because of great experience in this field and it continues to all my work to have intellectual property, so the seat "CYCLAMEN" has intellectual registration from O.B.I with a number -200130600115-. Please, if it is easy for you to let me know what the development of this cooperation of ours will be from now on. Sincerely, Rosalia Ioannidou - Product designer -

Cyclamen Chair