Shin Asaw Designer Profile
Shin Asaw is the award-winning designer of the Sea and Life VR Experience.
Shin Asaw

His real name is SHIN ASADA. In 1989, he entered the Department of Physical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Kyoto University. In 1995, he joined Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. (now Panasonic Corporation), where he worked on the research and development of DVD recorders and the formulation of international standards. In 2000, when mass production of the first machine (later known as the DIGA) began, the company submitted a business plan to an internal venture company call for proposals and was transferred to Tokyo after leaving the research and development field. After receiving training in entrepreneurship and management, including business planning and risk management, he participated in the founding of Progressive Pictures, a subsidiary of the company, in 2001, and shifted his footing to the promotion of the digital cinema production style in the film industry. After leaving Panasonic in 2006, he went freelance and worked at maximage before founding his own company, Tawamure Inc. in 2008. He was nominated for the 2008 NY-Tokyo Film GrandPrix in the animation category. In 2011, he was selected as a writer for the Japanese edition of the American science magazine WIRED, and has been active under the pen name Shin Asaw a.k.a. ASSAwSSIN since 2013. Since 2020, he has been an associate professor of media expression at the Osaka Seikei University School of Art.

Sea and Life VR Experience