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Edalou Paris is the award-winning designer of the La Coucou Multifunctional Handbag.
Edalou Paris

Born from a journey of self-love and a relentless passion for design, Edalou is a woman's accessories label based in Paris— created to meet women at the intersection of quality, functionality, and conscious style. Each piece is conceived with multi-functional and versatile elements that appeal to a wide range of women looking for modern designs. Thoughtfully sourced luxury materials are the basis to creating quality pieces with a message of self-love and empowerment for women everywhere. While living in New York City, founder Eda Lourdes Aguilar transformed through real life chronicles of personal growth and professional hurdles. It was this reinvention that led her to the creation of Edalou after working for over a decade in finance. Once her debut handbag was nominated for a prestigious award in New York City, Eda found her calling and knew she had to embrace the Rock that was beating in her heart. Her path took her from finance to fashion, from the Big Apple to the City of Lights. Arriving in Paris after falling in love, Edalou's inspiration for the brand and the motor driving her heart remain: her empowering girlfriends, a love for music, the practice of dance, and the belief in improving the world through the evolution of consumption. La Coucou is made in Paris, France. Each of the leather and gold metal components have been carefully selected to provide a modern allure of luxury and to remind the wearer to enjoy every moment life has to offer with its multiple looks and functionality. La Coucou has inspired a whole collection of products that are multi lux versatile with endless possibilities. About the Founder: Eda Lourdes Aguilar Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Eda Lourdes was drawn to the creative world at a very young age through her involvement with dancing, modeling, television, and theater. Eda’s mentors and professors ultimately inspired her to make the move from finance to fashion. Eda received a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Puerto Rico in 2000 and completed a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University in 2007. After working for fifteen years in finance and investments, Eda relocated to France from New York City as a result of finding love in Paris. While Eda is a passionate entrepreneur, she is also a proud mommy to Yohan and Jarod. In May 2019, she was nominated for the Independent Handbag Designer Awards competition in New York City, which led her to dream of launching her brand. Having attended Parsons the New School for Art & Design and working for the fashion houses of Kenzo, Iro, Apparis, Miriam Budet, Koshka and Lemloren, Eda received an insider experience of the industry, which she leveraged to launch her line, Edalou Paris. Eda’s drive is to design for visionary women, who are professional, discerning, active, and stylish. With the mantra: ROCK DANCE & LOVE, Eda's design inspiration comes from the strong women in her life, starting with her Mother, her aunts, and her loyal girlfriends. The second muse is her love affair with the lifestyle, culture, and fashion of her favorite cities: San Juan, New York, and Paris. Traveling between these three cities, she was inspired to design the life she wanted to live and work hard for her dreams. Her mentors and professors include Ita Medina, Petra Bravo, Waldo Garcia, Caridad Fernandez, Marcelino Alcala, and recently Pedro Aviles of the Hip Hop Moms.

Edalou Paris
La Coucou Multifunctional Handbag