Lau King Designer Profile
Lau King is an award-winning designer with 2 featured award-winning projects.
Lau King

Lau King, born in 1990, being an adventurous and sensitive soul, photography and visual art become the medium for her expression of personal philosophy and aesthetics of the world. King has participating in both online and offline art exhibitions internationally. Her works have been cooperated and collected by worldwide collectors, art consultancy, hotel and interior designers. King's talent has won her international photography prize and exposure. She recently won the bronze fine art photography award in Italian A’design Award and Competition. She also entered the finalist for ARTCLOUD China Signature Art Prize and National Geographic Hong Kong Photo Contest. She had also been invited and featured at Apple's social media Instagram, Singapore Tatler magazine, various Chinese media platform and publication in US.

Glitters Exhibition Photography Series
Colors and Lines Fine Art Photography