Suk-kyung Lee Designer Profile
Suk-kyung Lee is the award-winning designer of the Coexistence Unisex Fashion.
Suk-kyung Lee

On April 18, 1980, Suk-Kyung Lee was born in Busan, Korea. From her earliest childhood, Lee is passionate about drawing, she creates silhouettes and already associates different outfits. Later, she begins her first work in a clothing store and likes to combine pieces from different collections. She also plays on the different subjects and this experience develops the richness of her tastes and her creativity. Convinced that this is the way she should follow, Lee moved to Tokyo to study fashion. The second act of his life begins in 2009 in Japan. She learns language, culture and, although close to Korea, she is alone in an unknown country. Now immersed in the world of fashion at Mode Gakuen school, she affirms her talent and wins the school contest at the end of 2013. However, another turning point in her life is emerging. An encounter with a man will influence his destiny that is traced in fashion in Tokyo. The choice between a professional career all traced in Tokyo or following the great love in Geneva and clearing a path in fashion in Europe. The third act of his life opens with the decision to follow the path of the heart and settle in Geneva. Lee, however, does not forget the request of her teacher at Mode Gakuen "Do not stop studying, even if you are in Switzerland!". The path followed is not easy, between the differences of languages and cultures. Always attracted by fashion and convinced of her talent, she seeks the energy that will make her move forward. Lee discovers the school IPAC DESIGN GENEVE and his team which gives her confidence and motivation. She finds the little girl who is in her, develops her European cultural identity and integrates it into her Asian culture. His knowledge, ideas, and fashion universe are growing and exacerbated by her motivation and support from the IPAC faculty. In the Bachelor project, she tells her story and also your story. Each of us can be alone, isolated in a group with the same codes. As Lee says, "I never want to stop, keep trying, develop my creativity. Continue to pass the obstacles too. On the way to the fourth act of my life."

Suk-kyung Lee
Coexistence Unisex Fashion