Aamer Qaisiyah Designer Profile
Aamer Qaisiyah is the award-winning designer of the Basalt House.
Aamer Qaisiyah

Many successful people usually emerge from privileged backgrounds or a comfortable financial situation. Some social problems keep many people from having a chance at success, but not this ambitious and talented young man from Syria named Aamer Qaisiyah. This young architect had faced many struggles in his early years until the present time; from losing his mother at a young age, changing countries and adjusting to rejections on jobs due to the disposition of Syrians in the world, in addition to dealing with prejudice people. However, that did not discourage him from pursuing his goals and ambitions. He persevered toward success and rose above adversity. In high school Aamer’s teacher believed in his abilities, talents and saw a successful and determined student, who will accomplish his goals in life. She once told him” you will achieve high accomplishments in your life beyond your own intentions, but never give up”. In college he exceeded his professors’ expectations with his designs and creativity which made him stand out from the rest. Back in his homeland Aamer Qaisiyah, surrounded by war and tragedies, opened a small office named it “UniDesign”, and persisted on following his dream work as an Architect. He started making designs for his demolished country and neighboring countries such as Lebanon and others. He encourages architectural college students by offering classes and supporting them with new refreshing ideas and techniques. His designs were very unique and exquisite ranging from architectural to interior designs. He became a role model for young architects in his city, and his work became an inspiration to many. His extraordinary designs have expanded to other countries ranging from Kuwait, Lebanon, Greece, UAE, and more proposals for projects are pending. Currently providing his best designs from his office in Kuwait, and his company “UniDesign” became one of the most famous design and contracting companies in Kuwait. New and compelling ideas have distinguished Aamer and UniDesign from the rest of Architects in the region. This determined person always strives to present the best designs to the world.

Aamer Qaisiyah
Basalt House