Paul Bo Peng Designer Profile
Paul Bo Peng is an award-winning designer with 4 featured award-winning projects.
Paul Bo Peng

Transcendent thinking is for Paul Bo Peng the most important thing. He, as designer, tries to transcend established social attributes, ideological attributes, cultural attributes and aesthetic attributes, and all practical utilitarian values and thinks beyond the status quo to shape the future and our environment. He is excellent in illustrate oriental traditions in the modern design style. He has created a series of high-quality works with modern temperament and oriental charm. He pays special attention to the spatial scale of architecture. He notices that technology solves the problem of function, and art satisfies the spiritual needs. "We cannot blindly pursue the scale of space in the name of art." He stressed that it is necessary to return to rational thinking.

West Lake Wetland Residential Villa
Vanke Moon Over The Sea Sale Center
Poly Moonlight Bay Landscape And Garden
Poly Tianhuan  Garden