Ivan Rogic Designer Profile
Ivan Rogic is the award-winning designer of the X One Construction site radio.
Ivan Rogic

As an engineer by profession, Ivan understood complexity behind ideas in order to make them live. Although that learning experience thought him to organisation and systematic approach, his creative mind wasn't satisfied with brute calculations and applications of systems, that wasn't a future for him in a long run. After he successfully conquered software for 3D modelling, he started gradually to gain attention by many of clients as 3D designer freelancer, which enable him to grow in that field, to learn through trials and fails with every new project, regardless the scale. Very soon he was able to deliver stunning visualisations in architecture, interior and product design. Out of necessity to present his works and attract more clients he advanced in graphic design as well. Today, he mostly work on concepts for hardware tools design and development for MATRIX. Together with Tino Switon, marketing director who is great inspiration and motivator, and creative team in Germany and Shanghai bringing those concepts to life, determined to shape affordable and quality products, with smart and user friendly features but also with lower environmental impact.

Ivan Rogic
X One Construction site radio