Soren Nielsen Designer Profile
Soren Nielsen is the award-winning designer of the Posten Norge Visual Branding.
Soren Nielsen

Copenhagen based photographer Soren Nielsen is specializing in visual branding and corporate photography. ​ For more than two decades, Soren has worked with firms of all sizes, and always with the goal of taking pictures that are timeless, easily recognizable and memorable. ​ A dedicated photographer who always puts something of himself into his work, Soren sums up his approach to his work this way. ​ "Once the picture is taken, you can't tell whether it took five minutes, five hours or five days to set up the shot. But it only takes five seconds to see whether it's a good or bad picture. That's what's so great about photography". ​ Soren's style is often described as typically Scandinavian, - simple, clean, minimalistic. And although the look reflects his passion for Scandinavia, his assignments have taken him throughout Europe and as far away as the Ivory Coast, Madagascar, Bangladesh, and India. ​ Even though no two of his assignment are the same, Soren always approaches them with the same level of preparation, respect, creativity, and originality. ​ "You need to understand what the assignment is and you need to remain faithful to it. But once you come up with a good idea and figure out how to make it work, the rest is just a matter of taking pictures the best you know how.

Posten Norge Visual Branding