Shimao Group Property Designer Profile
Shimao Group Property is the award-winning designer of the Shimao Loong Palace Residential landscape.
Shimao Group Property

Shimao Property Holdings Limited was listed on the main board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited on 5 July 2006.The Group develops large scale, high quality, integrated real estate projects, focusing on cities with high, dynamic economic growth potential in China. The Group is dedicated to the development of residential, hotel, office and commercial properties. Adhering to its mission, "Cultivating Life Taste", the SHIMAO brand has led China's property market with its pioneering "Riviera Model", effectively integrating landscape, waterside, gardening and architectural elements into the daily life of every family, the outcome of which is a series of high-quality, classically-designed property projects. Incorporating innovation and foresight in our strategies, the Group is committed to "Accomplishing Urban Dreams" as we aspire to contribute to the process of urbanisation as an "urban operator".

Shimao Loong Palace Residential landscape