Roberta Borges Designer Profile
Roberta Borges is the award-winning designer of the Lastlight Fine Art Photography.
Roberta Borges

Roberta Borges was born in Porto Alegre, RS-Brazil, in 1963. Since an early age she has been connected to the world of surfing and waves. The art of photography, is the way she expresses her perception of the ocean, having attended several photography schools and arts centers. In 2010, she received the most important Brazilian Prize of Photography (Porto Seguro Prize, Revelation).The serie called "Passatempo" (time goes by) represents the sea in continuous change, transforming images in color paintings. The waves perception, which derive from the strong influence of her background as a professional surfer(she is the first Braziliian champ in 1985) ,acquire empowerment and expression through her work. In her last series , LASTLIGHT, she explores an inaccessible layer of light and darkness , creating a unique intimate sea atmosphere. It took eight years to capture the images , always in the same place, same time in a very especial nature condition. Most of her work is done at the seashore of Garopaba, Santa Catarina where she lives and has her own studio.

Roberta Borges
Lastlight Fine Art Photography