Patricia Anastassiadis Designer Profile
Patricia Anastassiadis is the award-winning designer of the Vivika Bench.
Patricia Anastassiadis

ANASTASSIADIS was found by architect Patricia Anastassiadis in 1993. Constantly engaged in creating timeless projects, unique experiences and emotions that showcase identity and purpose through a sophisticated look, ANASTASSIADIS is specialized in architecture and interior design. The expertise and attention to details, combined with an interest in art, history and anthropology, are only some of the features that make ANASTASSIADIS and her Partners stand out. A coherent design narrative shines through the accurate design, sense of place, as well as the use of sophisticated materials and handmade elements. Thanks to the constant search for new materials and innovative textures, ANASTASSIADIS have been celebrated in Brazil and worldwide for the past two decades. Throughout the years, ANASTASSIADIS has developed and completed globally - recognized projects that stood out for the impeccable attention in the architecture and interior design for a roster of brands such as Four Seasons, Oetker Collection, Fairmont, Ritz Carlton, Hilton, Grand Hyatt, Sisley and Jean Georges Vongerichten amongst others. Projects by ANASTASSIADIS can be seen in various locations around the globe including Brazil, the United States, Greece, Spain, Portugal, and the Caribbean.

Vivika Bench