Yousaku Tsutsumi Designer Profile
Yousaku Tsutsumi is the award-winning designer of the House in Akashi Residential.
Yousaku Tsutsumi

Create natural-based architectures in the places, in the times, in a firmly rooted way, not only matching the nearby buildings or the surroundings, but time you spend, and the site of history. The space where you would like to invite your friends, the environment where you would feel relaxed and spend rich time, the precious place for the local residents, I provide such unique and special architectures. For every building and space, we always think about how they would relate to nature. Up to the present, and for the future, in order to continue to exist as they are for sure, simple, and efficient, to live comfortably and healthy. we cherish to create natural-based architectures.

Yousaku Tsutsumi
House in Akashi Residential