Ahmed Habib Designer Profile
Ahmed Habib is an award-winning designer with 4 featured award-winning projects.
Ahmed Habib

The Egyptian award-winning architect Ahmed Habib has established his own path in contemporary architecture, gaining in good reputation over the past few years for designing some of the large scale projects in the GCC region. Habib was the managing and design director of architecture at one of the top design firms in the GCC. His wide exposure and work experience allowed him to design several project types including commercial, educational, entertainment, business offices, landscape, hospitality, residential and mixed use complexes. Habib’s career took a sudden upswing when he designed the AUM Conference Center & Grand Theatre back in 2015. This project underlines a number of characteristics of his work and considered one of the landmarks in Kuwait. With projects such as Khalifa Park (350K m2, Cultural Park, Abu Dhabi), Next Hub (25K m2, Mixed use complex, Jeddah), Levels (35K m2, Mixed use complex, Riyadh), AUM Campus (240K m2, Educational University Campus, Kuwait) or the 120-meter-tall Society Hotel in Kuwait, Habib was engaged in different types of work, often in the large scale and with considerable technical challenges that he always meets with inventive spirit to ensure that high quality projects are produced. Through his work, his vision and his ideas, Ahmed Habib is creating his own place in the world of architecture and currently establishing his multidisciplinary design studio in Egypt with a vision of combining minimal, mediterranean & bohemian styles “M I - N U S”.

Ahmed Habib
The Cube Private House
Monolithic House Private Villa
Next Hub Mixed Use
Al Majlis Traditional Restaurant