S. Mazzolini, C. Fumarola, F. Rocchi Designer Profile
S. Mazzolini, C. Fumarola, F. Rocchi is the award-winning designer of the Fioriture Table.
S. Mazzolini, C. Fumarola, F. Rocchi

Passion for shapes and materials, attention to details and continuous search for the most effective solutions. These features have led to the development of UNICA, a prestigious and innovative brand that creates luxury furniture for homes and work contexts. Custom creations of tables and furnishings that can turn every environment into a highly energetic environment, full of colours and shapes inspired by symbols of well-being and wealth/abundance. The concept of “uniqueness” is not just linked to standing out from the masses, but more importantly, it is linked to the concept of choice, decision, the freedom to experience work and home spaces by first identifying and then amplifying personal energy through materials, shapes and colours.

Fioriture Table