Athanasios Venetis Designer Profile
Athanasios Venetis is the award-winning designer of the Poiema Hotel Resort.
Athanasios Venetis

Athanasios Venetis is an Architect, Urban Planner & Designer, holding a Bachelor and Master Degree in Architecture from School of Architecture and Design of University of Camerino (Italy) and a Bachelor and Master Degree in Urban Planning and Regional Development from School of Engineering of University of Thessaly (Greece). He is a Qualified Licensed Architect and Engineer (on both disciplines) and a Registered Member of the Technical Chamber of Greece. He is dedicated to developing an innovative approach towards architecture, urbanism, and design, providing creative, aesthetic and useful architectural design at any scale project in a broadening geographical area. Also, he creates architectural concepts as advocacy, reflection, and contribution to theoretical studies for new approaches to the architectural interdisciplinary discipline and practice. The results provide the conceptual foundation for his work. His work and research (from the macro-level to the micro-level) explores and cultivates innovative territories and ways of expression, reflected in narrative projects with functional purposes, while traditional, modern and futuristic technologies and materials are explored, in light of the focus on nature's beauty and on the deep study of human's mental, intellectual and spiritual production over time, merging the ability to deal creatively with an unseen reality. Working collaboratively and in close proximity with a range of persons, the aim of each work is to deliver a unique approach combined with an interdisciplinary background field (architecture, planning, environmental and landscape design, etc.). Makes use of innovative architectural solutions and of the most updated technologies, producing site-specific designs that respond to social demands and increase commercial and social value. Each work is treated with the same accuracy, passion and love any piece of quality art is created with, offering high quality integrated design solutions rooted in the joyful expression of beauty in all its forms.

Poiema Hotel Resort