Yi Feng Designer Profile
Yi Feng is an award-winning designer with 2 featured award-winning projects.
Yi Feng

Feng Yi, male, born in September 1979, associate professor of the College of Art and Design, Beijing Forestry University, the deputy head of the Department of Industrial Design. Has long been engaged in art design, industrial design research. Published more than ten papers and works. Received 2 national awards and 1 provincial and ministerial award. He has presided over 2 research projects of the Central University Special Fund and participated in one Beijing social science research project. His main writings include: "Color Design of Urban Guide System" and "Relationship between the Ways of Using Products and Their Modeling Concepts". Courses such as "Design Thinking", "Computer Aided Industrial Design", "Product Development and Market Research", and "System Design" were established.

Yi Feng
Mountain Bench Chair
Diamond Chair