Botta Lai and C.R.Lin Designer Profile
Botta Lai and C.R.Lin is the award-winning designer of the The Shattered Holiness Movie Theater.
Botta Lai and C.R.Lin

Botta Lai. 2002-present time: firmed Scale Art Design Co•Ltd, acted as design director. Took charge of various commercial space types, office space types, boutique hotel types and private mansions commissions; the cases are distributed at home and abroad, involving architecture, hotel, store, villa, landscape, soft decoration, etc. And in recent years lots of good works have come out, which are deeply attracted by the industry and media. After that, established JIHUITANG Installation Art Company and Tea Culture System International Company. Taking the concept that the good design is from the master and understanding of life to creat the hologram art life as a core.

The Shattered Holiness Movie Theater