Iker Ortiz Designer Profile
Iker Ortiz is the award-winning designer of the Collection six Jewelry.
Iker Ortiz

There is a minimalist spirited workshop in Mexico City's Coyoacán where the smell of gold, silver and corian fill the air. Everyday, jewelers, goldsmiths and designers all obsessed with perfection, work passionately to transform metal into art. The man behind it all is Iker Ortiz. He scrutinises every single piece a thousand times as an artist who cannot settle for anything less than perfection. Taking off his black framed eyeglasses, he focuses his gaze and mind upon every ring, finding the way of turning each one of them into a unique conceptual piece. Iker's past, present and future lie within the goldsmith craft. Heir to a family of jewelers that goes back four generations, it was from a very early age that he was learning from his father how to ride a bicycle while also being shown the path towards his own work. A path that would eventually lead such work to achieve recognition beyond Mexico, in London and New York. Iker is a singular character. With a calling for architecture and bohemian soul, he is always dressed in black keeping with the essence -less is more- that lives and breathes at his workshop. A mexican designer devoted to the creation of timeless rings, bracelets, choker necklaces, cufflinks, earrings and more by successfully combining industrial technology with the sophistication of the handmade craft. He believes every engagement ring has a story to tell and every jewel that passes through his hands speaks for itself. The restless search for geometric shapes, fearless experimentation with all kinds of metals and precious stones, design innovation, exceptional quality, profound passion for jewelry and attentive service define his whole team of collaborators. Every year, Iker Ortiz creates and delivers to the world a new convention shattering collection. Platinum, titanium, stainless steel, corian, silver, gold, stones and diamonds, all become contemporary art pieces that will trascend time.

Iker Ortiz
Collection six Jewelry