Dmitriy Semenenko Designer Profile
Dmitriy Semenenko is an award-winning designer with 2 featured award-winning projects.
Dmitriy Semenenko

A young new company engaged in parametric design, using the latest technical design, always looking forward to and learning everything new. Parametric design as the basis for the design of new buildings, structures, furniture. The forms and images formed by the team are always original and irresistible and varied specifically for each project. individuality and exclusivity of each project, professional and responsible approach, which allows you to always achieve the project. He likes complex projects and is ready to offer the right solutions. The approach to designing is not standard and makes you pay attention to remember and wait for the implementation of completely new ideas. you can fall in love with those projects that this young team createsffer the right solutions.

Dmitriy Semenenko
Apartment Almaty Interior Design
Almaty Core University Educational and Scientific