Mal White Designer Profile
Mal White is the award-winning designer of the Birds of Steel Multifunctional Panel.
Mal White

Sitting under a magnificent old branched tree, an umbrella of nature, I sit upon nature's green carpet humbly glancing at the wilderness beyond. Bees hum and settle on yellow flowers, their sacks of nectar, almost drunk with their excessive hoard. Sad though, their life is programmed into their DNA, moving in zig zag paths around grass blades, rain, and anything that wants to eat them. We live in a similar world... zig zag paths, highs and lows, unpredictable events, catastrophes and more, yet we have choices and we can move away from patterns, predictability and rules. We have the abilty to change or challenge this through design and art. New ideas challenge the old and seed further new directions. How lucky I am to be human, creative and willing to challenge, and forever being part of the growing hive.

Mal White
Birds of Steel Multifunctional Panel