Akihiro Ichinose Designer Profile
Akihiro Ichinose is the award-winning designer of the Fuji Sosai Office Funeral Home Operating Company.
Akihiro Ichinose

He was born in Yamanashi Prefecture in Japan. He went to Tokyo as a high school graduate,and was attracted by new, various designs that popped into my eyes while living as a Tokyoite. Commercial and shop interior designs especially got his attention, and went to a design school. Started working at a shop design office, lighting design company and construction agent after graduation in order to learn the design and building of restaurants, apparel shops, business offices and housing. Since ICHI DESIGN INC started in 2010, he has been working in various designs, such as restaurants, bars, cafes and clinics, welfare facilities, merchandise stores and office designs, mainly in Okinawa Prefecture in Japan. He has won several domestic design awards, including the JID award 2017 Grand Prize.

Fuji Sosai Office Funeral Home Operating Company