Jia Ru Chen Designer Profile
Jia Ru Chen is an award-winning designer with 16 featured award-winning projects.
Jia Ru Chen

Since its establishment in 2014, it has emphasized team professionalism and caring service as the main indicators. The design team led by Director Chen personally supervises each design and adheres to the two major demands of technical profession first and service priority."Life does not deny anyone, and I am afraid that I will deny my life". In order to let you affirm your life, Ideas Design provides a near-demanding dream-building service, so that all dreams are no longer far away.

Jia Ru Chen
Childlike Purity Office
Three Dimensional Office
Realm of Inspiration Studio
Cloud End Sales Center
Dialogue Residential House
Lingering Happiness Furniture Shop
Pinkishness Workshop
Cloister Residence
Simple New Fashion Office
New Ideas of American Style Staff Canteen
Into the Ink Residence
Toughness and Gentleness Residence
Sunrise Residential Space
Evening Mist Morning Light Residence
Light Luxury and Elegance Reception Centre