Nelson Tam Designer Profile
Nelson Tam is an award-winning designer with 2 featured award-winning projects.
Nelson Tam

Nelson Tam, Managing Director and Associate Design Principal of WSP ARCHITECTS, Member of the Hong Kong Designers Association, Bachelor's & Master’s Degree of Architecture from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He worked in P&T Architects & Engineers Limited in Hong Kong's, ETH Studio, Diener & Diener Architekten, Meili, Peter Architekten and AGP. S Architecture before joining WSP ARCHITECTS. He was also a teacher at the School of Architecture, Chinese University of Hong Kong after 2005. Joined WSP ARCHITECTS in 2010, Nelson worked as the leader in the design of industrial real estate and enterprise headquarters, in charge of a series of national science and technology parks and enterprise headquarters projects, established standards and norms for the design of Chinese enterprise headquarters, and designed classical models to enhance the high brand value of the park. He was awarded a series of honors such as A Design Awards, International Property Awards, A&D Trophy Awards, the READesign China Design Award and the Industrial Real Estate Personal Excellent Contribution Award. The Baidu Technology Park in Beijing, which he was in charge of, has created many TOP1 n headquarters buildings of domestic enterprises, won many well-known honors, and is favored by the customers and the domestic and foreign media. Representative works: Zhengzhou Linkong Biopharmaceutical Park, Zhongshan Cuiheng New District Medical Devices Industrial Park, Zijing Technology Park, Zhengzhou Yida Industrial Park, Baidu Technology Park, Haier Yungu Creator World, China Optics Valley Convention and Exhibition Center, East Hangzhou Creator World, Ningbo Hangzhou Bay Life Science and Technology Park, Zhuzhou Citizen Center, etc.

Light Cube  Multifunctional Public Serivce
The Spiral DNA Multifunctional Exhibition