Jong Won Park Designer Profile
Jong Won Park is the award-winning designer of the Rainy Day Acrylic Painting.
Jong Won Park

Actually I worked with game,feature film,animation,TV commercial ,publication industry during 15 years which means I'm professional artist, designer, illustrator even traditional painting artist. most of people like my work, enjoy my work, proof of that we can check my sns that kind of facebook, youtube, even artstation . I always happy with this audience so every moment when I uploaded my recently work on the website then we can communicate each other with comments, private message ,email whatever. I think most of audience enjoy my work with much more creativity that already included in my work. when I draw of painted something, I usually concentrated on kind of ' Story' even if that just only one picture. so eventually audience spend much more time with my work with thinking about story telling that included in work. I hope ,and want my draw or painting getting more interesting constantly further more, even after when I died. and most of my work is digital painting , of course I love this but now I more focusing on traditional artwork that kind of used to acrylic, pencil , watercolor as well and so on, because I'd like to make unique work that only 1pic in the world. which means I also like digital work but they can exact copy obviously , I don't like it a bit. spread out much further is ok but unique is weak.

Jong Won Park
Rainy Day Acrylic Painting