Ahmad Saffar Designer Profile
Ahmad Saffar is the award-winning designer of the Contemporary Mosque Golshahr Plaza.
Ahmad Saffar

Ahmad Saffar was born on September 8, 1988, in Ahvaz, Iran. He has a master of architecture degree from the Azad University of Qazvin and his thesis project base on his concern about how contemporary Architecture can play in harmony with the surrounding neighborhood, culture, climate, geology, geography, and topography of the region. He believes paying attention to the today needs of people is more significant than before because of the fast growth of technology and civilization all around the world. Besides focusing on his thesis project which has regional approach he tried to record national architectural project Shushtar New Town that won the Aga Khan award on the list of cultural heritage of the country. A summary of his studies published in the article with the title of “The Architecture of Culture and the Culture of Architecture” which has been published at the 31st edition of the Journal of Art and Architecture in 2013 has been published. As a young man, he decided to Promoting Iranian Cultural, history and architecture by gathering rare documentation of various treasure of Iran by traveling throughout the country. As a result, he gains this invaluable opportunity to publish those documents in social media and magazines and preserving the rich history of Iran in regional architecture. After several years of activity and cooperation in different fields, in 2012, he established his own studio with the title of Saffar Studio. His studio is the symbol of young society because he gathers young and creative architects together to work effectively and reshaping the ancient architecture with innovative design solutions. In his studio, he always has striven to play a positive role in the society that is facing so many critical issues such as economic crisis. His affordable approach and putting emphasize on society and culture help people to meet their needs conveniently and experience a better life.

Contemporary Mosque Golshahr Plaza