Takashi Terada Designer Profile
Takashi Terada is the award-winning designer of the Fri3design Education 3D Design Educational Program.
Takashi Terada

In addition to 3D modeling of commercial vehicles for domestic car manufacturers and research institutes, Takashi Terada also produces a wide range of 3D data, including 3D conversion of national important cultural properties and traditional crafts. He also took part in designing the concept, directing, and launching the maker's space (like Fablab) utilizing digital fabrication in Kamiyama-cho. At the same time, developed a STEAM educational program using 3D technology. Complete replication of the total Awa Puppet Joruri head with a 3D printer including the organization mechanism (supervised by Mr. Yoichiro Amari). As a 3D modeler, helped produce three-dimensional washi paper using 3D technology, which is used for Dogo Onsen Asuka no Yu, Lexus Takumi Project, Isetan Shinjuku Art Frame, and etc. Performed in a German Frisbee documentary as a Frisbee player.

Takashi Terada
Fri3design Education 3D Design Educational Program