Agustín Quiroga Designer Profile
Agustín Quiroga is the award-winning designer of the 100 Years Elecmetal Corporate Event.
Agustín Quiroga

Father, Husband, Entrepreneur, Agustin is passionate about everything he does. He works for convictions, not for interest. He believes that success is only a consequence after a long journey that is driven by dedication, determination, perseverance, passion, effort and a bit of luck. He believes more in being a person with values than a successful one with none. He is a relevant person in the environment that he develops, leading the design association of a country and a design and architecture company that is well positioned in the industry, but that does not matter to Agustin, what really matters to him is that what he does generates an impact and positive changes in the people who relate to it. His greatest achievements beyond professional recognition, publications in media or large projects, have been to be able to do what he likes and be valued by others.This he shares it with a team of people who believe in what they do together, sharing the same vision. In addition, he is grateful for his family which pushes and motivates him in everything he does. If he could describe an advantage or ability, it is the being able to connect, nail down and never stop dreaming. His contribution to society is multifaceted: His role in Chile Design as Vice President, the promotion of public policies for the improvement of the industry, the guidance of universities in helping to build the professionals needed by the country in the field. Another major contribution is his championing of the importance of the value of design and its impact on the life of people and environments where we live.He achieves this by insuring the development of transparency and good practices, in addition to many projects that are done in the office whose sole purpose are to contribute in different areas of society, indifferent scales and contexts. He says he is not the one to say if he is interesting or not. "That should be evaluated by others."

Agustín Quiroga
100 Years Elecmetal Corporate Event