Fabien Deboves Designer Profile
Fabien Deboves is the award-winning designer of the AllRoad TiX iPhone Case.
Fabien Deboves

AllRoad Mobile’s mission is to solve the efficiency vs. style dilemma when it comes to protecting your iPhone. Inspired by the watchmaking and aviation industries and with the help of high-end outdoor athletes, AllRoad created TiX, a stylish, customizable, yet very efficient case for iPhone X, Xs & Xs Max. Combining exception materials such as Titanium, Kevlar and BluShock (a revolutionary shock-absorber) and allowing endless customization and accessory addition with its innovative sliding system, TiX makes your iPhone look stunning and fully protected both indoors and outdoors. AllRoad’s strategy is inspired by the DNVB model with a 90% digital sales trend and a global B2C market with a specific focus on the United States, Australia, Japan and Western Europe. TiX will start shipping worldwide in June 2019.

AllRoad TiX iPhone Case