Atelier Bam Designer Profile
Atelier Bam is the award-winning designer of the Umbu Ajustable Desk Lamp.
Atelier Bam

Atelier Franco-Brazilian integrated by Juliana Bertolucci and Clément Gérard. Founded in 2012 in São Paulo. They were finalists of competitions like the Prize Planet Home of Sustainable Architecture, and winners of the Honorable Mention in the Museum of the Brazilian House with the luminary Berimbau. Considered by Casa Vogue magazine as new talents of Brazilian design. They have already given interviews to TV Cultura, Rede Globo, GNT and Arte 1 channels. In 2013, the partners gave a lecture at SENAC about sustainable architecture. Before they founded the Atelier, they accumulated experience in Paris where they worked on international projects. Juliana integrated the office of the architect Massimiliano Fuksas into three major projects: Archives Nationales in Pierrefite-sur-Seine, Lycée Hotelier in Montpellier and the Euromed Complex in Marseille. Clément was part of the Off Architecture team, where he designed an intervention at the Carroussel du Louvre, the Lycée Revin in France and the award-winning contest at the Holcim Awards Calabre Parcosol in Italy.

Umbu Ajustable Desk Lamp